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Paris-based Oberkampf reflects the dark undertones of the city, made up of a seductive selection of black calfskin accessories. Unexpected sex appeal is prevalent in the covetable collection taking inspiration from the erotic thriller Frantic, capturing Paris’ cityscape more paranoid than picturesque.

In Gold We Trust


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Launched in 2017 by Héloïse Chiron, an architect, and Louis Marie De Bridiers, a craftsman specialising in luxury tailoring for men, a complementary and unpredictable pair, In Gold We Trust is a Paris-based jewellery label with a transgressive aesthetic. Each collection revolves around a theme and the jewels are made of steel & solid brass coated with 18-carat gold or palladium.

Natalia Brilli


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Natalia Brilli operates by diversion, fascinated by the object as an entity, which she uses as a starting point considered more like a “ready-made” in the sense proposed by Marcel Duchamp.

Generally using a wrapping technique from the 1930’s-1940’s, she hides the matrix undera thin layer of leather thus provoking a distancing of reality in front of its representation. This wrapping technique which plays on a formal mimesis is fed by numerous monochromes allowing the object to conquer once again the spectrum of the sensible.


The State


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The State makes contemporary interpretations of vintage and dead-stock workwear and arm surplus, advocating a more conscious take on the current fashion cycle.

The Parisen based label repurposes full sets of shirts and outerwear sourced from all over Europe into uniform elevated collections.

The State conceptual makeup is extended with sensible plays on volume, vibrant color contrasts and signature details, resulting in standout modern garments of uncompromising quality.




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18 year old Philéo Landowski has been designing, creating shoes and clothes since he was 15 years old. PHILEO is fundamentally a collaborative brand, drawing from all generations to shape a universe that cultivates awareness of the environment, of sharing, and of synergy between subjects.

PHILEO is his passion that transforms his emotions into a collection.



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Leftfig hails from New York and its concept and goal is to create a space for new ideas. The brand embraces young designers and encourages their growth to fully express their creativity. The brands DNA is streetwear with a focus on denim, romantic but edgy dresses and unisex t-shirts.

Muskoka Nord


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Muskoka Nord is a concept based brand that bridges both Contemporary Jewelry and Wellness markets by infusing astrology, moon phases and introspective inspired products.
We don’t believe in season driven jewelry. Our lunar calculator embraces individuality, while our well designed website delivers a highly interactive experience that caters to your own journey. Buy well, choose less is our motto.

Sia Arnika


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Sia Arnika’s SS21 collection “Frutti di mare” is a place where both minimalism and maximalism are present.
It is rooted in a dynamic of constant tension between anonymity and bold declaration.
It holds a notion of new and old existing in symbiosis with each other.

Georgiela Studio



Barcelona-based Georgiela Studio takes over the art of shapes, colour and silhouettes with avant-garde designs and timeless styles. The brand’s DNA is purity and minimalism, combined with intricate wrinkling of various materials.




Unrow fuses contemporary youth culture with romanticism of the east and the west. It integrates an essence of modernism and thus adopts a surreal design language to express the contrast of the uniquely bare but warm brand value – carpe diem

Visual Society



Visual Society is a gender neutral independent fashion label based in Geneva, Switzerland. Combining industrial techniques with a manual knowledge of the garment, they create unique and innovative fabric to meet today’s functionality, volumes, aesthetic and design expectations.